About Dawn Stebbing

Dawn Stebbing – AICI, CIC

I’m a personal branding expert for women who aspire to greater leadership roles in male-dominated industries or organizations – including by not limited to real estate and construction, financial serves, government, manufacturing and more.

I work individually with women and in small groups to assess and identify what holds women back professionally. I help women reset and define their unique value based upon the reputations they want to build – because investing in a personal brand that’s authentic, powerful and polished can make women unstoppable. I apply a non-judgemental approach and serve as a “second pair of eyes and ears”, guiding women toward the right behavior and appearance-related actions (including communication) to achieve their professional goals.

My core belief is that we can all aspire to more and need to be equipped with the right tools and resources, and someone safe to talk to when we need a sounding board or supportive ear. That’s why I coach women at critical points in their careers and engage situationally as women experience professional obstacles with their non-verbal and verbal communications and presence.

I pair my extensive experience in the beauty industry as an entrepreneur and cosmetologist with a deep understanding of human behavior gained through my own professional transitions and formal training in executive presence. I am the author of numerous articles and the book, “The Power is in the Pearl” which centers on building leadership presence. As a certified image consultant and leadership presence trainer, and past president of the Association of Image Consulting International (Chicago Midwest Chapter), I never underestimate the power of presence – because when we change our looks, we change our energy which changes our outlook and situation.

I’m based in the Phoenix, Arizona area and available for individual and small group coaching, workshops and speaking engagements nationwide.

"Too many women are not living up to their highest potential.
I had a desire to be more and do more, which required me to
take some risks and not let anyone stand in my way. I want to help
other women develop that same fierce drive in themselves
to have more, be more, and do more, unapologetically, without
asking permission from anyone."

~ Dawn Stebbing

Her specialties are in the areas of: